The theme of the National Catechetical Year, held almost 20 years ago in 1990, was “Every Christian, A Catechist”1. The theme continues to speak incisively to all Filipino Catholics today, and most especially to those ordained to serve them: every priest, every bishop is a catechist. This pastoral duty of the priest in the local church is properly laid out in Church magisterium and law. The priest carries out such role as the leader of the Christian community, which is a communion of persons that is, at the same time, hierarchically organized. According to CIC/83 can. 774 §1, “The care for catechesis, under the direction of lawful ecclesiastical authority, extends to all members of the Church, to each according to his or her role”2. Hence, led by the bishops as pastors of their flock and by priests as the bishops’ closest collaborators, the Church’s apprenticeship program in Christian life is the common work of pastors of souls, lay catechists, consecrated persons and parents themselves.